Brokenwood Wines

At 40+ years young, Brokenwood Wines, in the heart of the Hunter Valley, can lay claim to not only an iconic vineyard with the Graveyard Vineyard but to the preservation of a wine fraternity that proudly has as its mission statement, to make great wine and have fun. Trading Hours: 7 days from 10am to 5pm

Wine list

Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz
HBA Shiraz
Quail Shiraz
ILR Reserve Semillon
Army Block Vineyard Semillon
Brycefield/Belford Vineyard Semillon
Belford Block 8 Semillon
Oakey Creek Vineyard Semillon
Maxwell Vineyard Semillon
Stanleigh Park Vineyard Semillon
Indigo Vineyard Viognier
Indigo Vineyard Chardonnay
Mt Panorama Vineyard Chardonnay
Forest Edge Vineyard Chardonnay
Maxwell Vineyard Chardonnay
IV-BC76 Chardonnay
Indigo Vineyard Pinot Noir
IV-DC114/115 Pinot Noir
Indigo Vineyard Shiraz
Mistress Block Vineyard Shiraz
Rayner Vineyard Shiraz
Verona Vineyard Shiraz